Top 20 Universities with the Most Sugar Babies in Canada

More Canadian Students Turning To 'Sugar Daddies' To Help Pay For Tuition

As the cost of pursuing an education increases, so do the number of college Sugar Babies. The following are the universities and colleges where the most students registered on SeekingArrangement during 2018.

List of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools 2018

Rank University Growth in 2018
01 University of Toronto 362
02 York University 229
03 University of Waterloo 204
04 McGill University 194
05 Carleton University 145
06 University of Alberta 142
07 University of British Columbia 121
08 University of Saskatchewan 114
09 University of Guelph 104
10 University of Ottawa 96
11 University of Winnipeg 91
12 Université du Québec à Montréal 87
13 University of the Fraser Valley 85
14 Ryerson University 84
15 Vancouver Island University 82
16 Laval University 75
17 University of Western Ontario 74
18 Queen's University 70
19 Simon Fraser University 67
Ottawa Sugar Baby School As the cost of living rises and tuition hikes continue in Canada, more and more college students are turning to become a sugar baby to get money for tuition debt. Furthermore, some Canadian school girls signed up to find sugar daddy who are willing to provide money and gifts in exchange for paid dates and other agreements. In Ottawa, there was a total of 703 students from University of Ottawa registered on the Sugar Baby Sites; 206 of them signing up in 2017. That made it the fastest-growing "sugar baby" school in Canada.

List of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools 2017

Rank University Growth in 2017
01 University of Ottawa 206
02 University of Alberta 200
03 Ryerson University 160
04 University of Toronto 125
05 University of Western Ontario 122
06 Wilfrid Laurier University 90
07 McGill University 88
08 Mount Royal University 86
09 Queen's University 80
10 McMaster University 75
11 York University 74
12 Carleton University 72
13 University of Guelph 70
14 Simon Fraser University 66
15 Dalhousie University 64
16 Memorial University of Newfoundland 64
17 St. Thomas University 59
18 Macewan University 53
19 University of Saskatchewan 51
20 Brock University 50
OttawaSugarDaddy Ottawa - Fastest Growing in 2017 - The local sugar daddy dating service for canadian rich singles and sugar babies. According to the site’s latest statistics, in 2017, as tuition and other school costs rise, student loans in Ottawa have been growing larger, and the average student debt is estimated to have passed the $30,000 mark, over 300 new signed up to find sugar daddy in the past year. University of Ottawa and Carleton University rounded out the top two, with 206 and 72 new sign-ups in 2017.

Toronto - Over 3000 "College Sugar Baby" in Total

According to the rankings, in 2017, Toronto had more universities make the list than any other city, with three falling within the top-20, including the Ryerson University (No. 3, with 160 news users), University of Toronto (No. 4, with 125 news users) and York University (No. 11, with 74 news users).

Edmonton and Calgary - Accounted for 90% of Sugar Baby in Alberta

University of Alberta, Mount Royal University and Macewan University, located in Edmonton and Calgary, rounded out the top three most new sign-ups and total amount of sugar baby.

Universities in Vancouver & Victoria are Out and Burnaby, Waterloo Instead of.

In 2014, University of British Columbia (No. 4, with 144 news users) and University of Victoria (No. 11, with 89 news users) had more new sign-ups make the list than others. However, Simon Fraser University and Wilfrid Laurier University instead of them, and none of universities in Vancouver and Victoria we can find on the list in 2017.

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